The Importance of Roof Trusses

The Importance of Roof TrussesThe Importance of Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses are versatile structures that are can be used in buildings and bridges of all sizes.  Roof trusses are structures that are built to bear immense weight and allow builders room to increase dimensions of the structure and create different shapes.  Endo Truss specialises in custom design, quality manufacturing and professional erecting of roof trusses.  We have experienced designers who will assist you with the design process of any project from start to finish.  Let Endo Truss supply you with the best quality roof trusses for your property.


The roof truss design is extremely important for a construction project.  To ensure strength and stability throughout your structure without any weakening of components, it’s crucial to stick to the design.  Consideration for the strength of each component must be taken to ensure even weight distribution for proper support.  Endo Truss roof truss designs are done using the Roofcon licensed software.  This program has numerous benefits; one of them is easy project control, which allows all the roof truss designs for one project to be in the same project area.


It is imperative to have a well-built and steady roof truss for every structure; without a truss or one weakened component in the truss, the roof could easily collapse.  The materials used to build roof trusses are usually timber and metal; both are used for commercial and residential construction.  Builders prefer to utilize premade roof trusses because of the advantages they offer.  Construction projects take a long time to complete; with premade roof trusses, the total construction time is significantly reduced.


Remember that roof trusses are also prone to damage.  Weakening can be caused by a water leakage and holes in a roof structure.  Roof trusses are an extremely important building component and they must always be in good condition.  For more information on roof trusses and our services, contact Endo Truss today!



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