Premium Roofing with Infraset Roof Tiles

When choosing which type of roof tiles to use on the roof of your home, it is very important that you are aware of the variations and their strengths. The standard red and black roof tile is a thing of the past as different designs and colours have been introduced to the market.  Endo Truss is a supplier and installer of high quality infraset roof tiles.  We provide a reliable and quality service that is guaranteed not to disappoint you.

A uniquely designed home is easily identified by the shape of the roof and its tiles.  Roof tiles have become a personal style statement for numerous homes. Modern designs of properties have had a major influence on the design and architecture of roofs.  Infraset has a massive range of attractive quality roof tiles on offer to give your home a unique touch an aesthetic appeal.

 The Infraset roof tiles supplied by Endo Truss come in three different types, and they all have great features that you need to take into consideration when making a choice.

Horizon Concrete Shingle Tile:

  • Strengthening tile support
  • Weather barrier against wind-driven rain (triple weather bars)
  • Nail hole
  • No half tiles required

Sunset Double Roman Concrete Bold Roll Tile:

  • A weather barrier against wind-driven rain (triple weather bars)
  • Tile interlock to ensure protection under adverse conditions
  • Strengthening transversal ribs

Vintage Multi blend Roof Tile:

  • Has a range of six through-colours, including a multi colour ‘vintage’ finish
  • A weather barrier against wind-driven rain (triple weather bars)
  • Raisen interlock

Infraset and Endo Truss are your tickets to having a durable and stylish roof for your home.  The visual appeal of the exterior of your property will add value to your home, should you decide to sell.  Having a little roof tile insight will help you make an informed choice, contact Endo Truss today and order your Infraset roof tiles today.

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