Modern roof trusses perfect for modern architecture

South Africa is a developing country with many new developments both in the business sector as well as in people’s lives. There are many companies that are committed to housing developments and creating homes for people all over the country, this is a very effective way to curb the high rate of homeless people in South Africa. Endo Truss is in partnership with some of the leading property development companies helping thousands of people get out the rental trap and assist them to achieve financial freedom. 

Supplying these companies with quality modern roof trusses have ensured us that new suburbs formed throughout the country are formed from quality homes built with quality material. These projects we participate in makes us realise that our business is more than just designing and manufacturing roof trusses, we strive is seeing especially first time home owners move into their new homes.

Our roof truss designs are not limited to houses built in the same area for a specific purpose, we are well aware that there are people in the country who live large and would want their homes to reflect that. No matter the architecture of your home or office building Endo Truss has the resources to manufacture the ideal roof truss for you.

 Call us today and a professional will meet up with you for a quote and sound advice on a perfect roof any type of building whether it’s a mansion or a five story office building. 

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