Marley Roof Tiles Supplied By Endo Truss

Marley Roofing has established a name for itself in the South African construction industry.  Their modern, high quality and affordable roof tiles are fast becoming the most sought after product in home renovation.  Endo Truss is a roof truss manufacturing company that supplies top quality Marley roof tiles.  With a variety of roof types and shapes available, it is essential that a quality roof truss is erected and the best roof tiles are used to cover your home. 

Marley roof tiles have a distinct ability to withstand extreme weather conditions because of their durability, low maintenance requirements and recyclable composition; they are aesthetically pleasing while providing protection.  Marley Roofing’s range of concrete tiles are especially designed and manufactured for the South African climate.  Endo Truss supplies the Modern and Monarch Mediterranean tiles in the Marley roof tile range.  Below is a description of these premier roof tiles.

 Monarch Mediterranean “under-and-over” concrete tile

The Mediterranean tiles are the top of the range Marley roof tiles.  They boast state of the art features such as precision interlocks which provide maximum protection against the elements.  Monarch roof tiles come in a variety of finishes which are all coated with rich silky colours:

  • Monarch M22
  • Monarch Antique
  • Monarch Standard Throughcolour


Modern “under-and-over” slate tile

The Marley Modern slate roof tile is an elegant and charming tile that provides a cost-effective alternative to the natural slate.  It is low maintenance and offers a substantial choice of aesthetic options.  The finishes available in the Modern range are:

  • Modern M22
  • Modern Antique
  • Modern Standard Throughcolour
  • Modern Rustic Range


Endo Truss is your one-stop shop for roof design, manufacturing and erecting.  For more information on the products we supply and the services we offer, contact Endo Truss today!

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