The Importance of Roof Plans and Elevations

Roof Plans and Elevations


Whether you are building a new home or changing your current roofing, you need to have a roof plan in place.  Roofing requires a high level of precision for the project to be a success; a comprehensive roof specification will assist you in achieving this.   A roof plan consists of all the elements that are involved in the designing, framing and structuring of a roof.   It is important to have municipality-approved floor plans of your home in order to have a roof and elevation plan.  The first step in the whole process is to fully understand what a roof plan and elevation are and how they used.


Premium Roofing with Infraset Roof Tiles

When choosing which type of roof tiles to use on the roof of your home, it is very important that you are aware of the variations and their strengths. The standard red and black roof tile is a thing of the past as different designs and colours have been introduced to the market.  Endo Truss is a supplier and installer of high quality infraset roof tiles.  We provide a reliable and quality service that is guaranteed not to disappoint you.

A uniquely designed home is easily identified by the shape of the roof and its tiles.  Roof tiles have become a personal style statement for numerous homes. Modern designs of properties have had a major influence on the design and architecture of roofs.  Infraset has a massive range of attractive quality roof tiles on offer to give your home a unique touch an aesthetic appeal.

 The Infraset roof tiles supplied by Endo Truss come in three different types, and they all have great features that you need to take into consideration when making a choice.

Horizon Concrete Shingle Tile:

  • Strengthening tile support
  • Weather barrier against wind-driven rain (triple weather bars)
  • Nail hole
  • No half tiles required

Sunset Double Roman Concrete Bold Roll Tile:

  • A weather barrier against wind-driven rain (triple weather bars)
  • Tile interlock to ensure protection under adverse conditions
  • Strengthening transversal ribs

Vintage Multi blend Roof Tile:

  • Has a range of six through-colours, including a multi colour ‘vintage’ finish
  • A weather barrier against wind-driven rain (triple weather bars)
  • Raisen interlock

Infraset and Endo Truss are your tickets to having a durable and stylish roof for your home.  The visual appeal of the exterior of your property will add value to your home, should you decide to sell.  Having a little roof tile insight will help you make an informed choice, contact Endo Truss today and order your Infraset roof tiles today.

Marley Roof Tiles Supplied By Endo Truss

Marley Roofing has established a name for itself in the South African construction industry.  Their modern, high quality and affordable roof tiles are fast becoming the most sought after product in home renovation.  Endo Truss is a roof truss manufacturing company that supplies top quality Marley roof tiles.  With a variety of roof types and shapes available, it is essential that a quality roof truss is erected and the best roof tiles are used to cover your home. 

Marley roof tiles have a distinct ability to withstand extreme weather conditions because of their durability, low maintenance requirements and recyclable composition; they are aesthetically pleasing while providing protection.  Marley Roofing’s range of concrete tiles are especially designed and manufactured for the South African climate.  Endo Truss supplies the Modern and Monarch Mediterranean tiles in the Marley roof tile range.  Below is a description of these premier roof tiles.


Advantages of Clay Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are not only aesthetically appealing; they have many functional benefits too.  Roof tiles are known for their protective capabilities for buildings; but there are plenty other reasons that make them the most popular roofing material.  Roof tiles provide enhanced air circulation, they are energy efficient, highly durable and water and fire resistant.  Endo Truss is a premium supplier of a number of quality roof tiles.  We have a wide range of roof tile types to choose from, for example:


The Importance of Roof Trusses

The Importance of Roof TrussesThe Importance of Roof Trusses

Roof Trusses are versatile structures that are can be used in buildings and bridges of all sizes.  Roof trusses are structures that are built to bear immense weight and allow builders room to increase dimensions of the structure and create different shapes.  Endo Truss specialises in custom design, quality manufacturing and professional erecting of roof trusses.  We have experienced designers who will assist you with the design process of any project from start to finish.  Let Endo Truss supply you with the best quality roof trusses for your property. more…

Modern roof trusses perfect for modern architecture

South Africa is a developing country with many new developments both in the business sector as well as in people’s lives. There are many companies that are committed to housing developments and creating homes for people all over the country, this is a very effective way to curb the high rate of homeless people in South Africa. Endo Truss is in partnership with some of the leading property development companies helping thousands of people get out the rental trap and assist them to achieve financial freedom.  more…

A range of Modern roof tiles to transform your home

Roof tiles have been used for centuries as a highly durable method of protecting the home against damages caused by natural elements such as rain, hail, snow, lightning and fire. Roof tiles are also great at insulating a building, keeping warm air in and cold air out. It is little wonder then that even in our ultra-modern existence we still prefer the tried and trusted roof tile as a number one choice in roofing. more…

The Importance of a roof truss!

Taking into consideration the strange weather conditions South Africa is experiencing these days, we can’t stress enough the importance of a quality roof truss. It would be advisable for you to find a reliable roof truss manufacturer to ensure minimal roof damages and in turn save you a lot of money in repairs.

Endo truss would like to take the opportunity to open your eyes to all the benefits you will receive from using specially designed roof trusses, instead of any other material for your roofing needs. more…

Never question the quality of your roof truss design, not with Endo Truss

Designing, manufacturing and supplying quality roof truss design is what we do best. Keeping up with the changes in this industry has been a thrilling experience for the whole Endo Truss team. This is because we are motivated to keep delivering quality products and services to the end consumers. Advances in modern engineering have produced tiles that can easily last 100 years or more. Endo truss ensures that these quality tiles are used to ensure your building is of the highest quality.

The company has worked on different projects over the years, such as complex buildings that needed special attention to detail. We have ensured we have highly skilled experts who have worked hand in hand with architects to keep the quality of the trusses and most importantly build loyal relationships with clients. more…

Never compromise with the quality you have over your head

 Endo Truss is a well known manufacture of the finest roof tiles that ensure quality to last you a life time. Your home might be the biggest asset in your entire life, ensuring that it is made up of good quality will give you peace of mind. Sleep like a baby knowing that the quality of your roof tiles is designed to stand even the worst weather conditions.

These days we have so many different home designs, people are free to extend or create palaces or mini mansions to compliment their lifestyles. On the other hand Architectures‎ have gone out of their way designing extraordinary buildings and Endo Truss has all the capabilities and experts to ensure fine tile roofing over these master pieces. more…

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