Advantages of Clay Roof Tiles

Roof tiles are not only aesthetically appealing; they have many functional benefits too.  Roof tiles are known for their protective capabilities for buildings; but there are plenty other reasons that make them the most popular roofing material.  Roof tiles provide enhanced air circulation, they are energy efficient, highly durable and water and fire resistant.  Endo Truss is a premium supplier of a number of quality roof tiles.  We have a wide range of roof tile types to choose from, for example:

  • Infraset roof tiles
  • Marley roof tiles
  • Monarch Mediterranean concrete tiles
  • Lafarge roof tiles
  • Elite concrete tiles
  • Double Roman concrete tiles
  • Clay roof tiles


 Endo Truss places specialises in clay roof tiles and the advantages they offer.  Clay roof tiles have been used worldwide for many years and remain a popular choice for residential roofing.  A variety of clay roof tile styles are available and the most common is the S tile, Spanish, barrel, or mission style.  Clay roof tiles are very versatile and maintain their vibrant colour for many years.  They have the following advantages:

  • Durability is the biggest advantage of clay roof tiles
  • Variety of shapes, sizes and colours
  • Reflective properties which help with increasing efficiency of heating and cooling systems
  • Material not susceptible to mould or rot
  • Weather resistance
  • Clay does not shrink or expand with the temperature like wood does


Clay roof tiles are pricey but are an extremely good option when it comes to durability and weather resistance; you could save on your home insurance.  Remember that for any roofing materials installations it is advisable to call in a professional, Endo Truss is available to assist you anytime!

For more information on our products and services, call Endo Truss today!

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