A range of Modern roof tiles to transform your home

Roof tiles have been used for centuries as a highly durable method of protecting the home against damages caused by natural elements such as rain, hail, snow, lightning and fire. Roof tiles are also great at insulating a building, keeping warm air in and cold air out. It is little wonder then that even in our ultra-modern existence we still prefer the tried and trusted roof tile as a number one choice in roofing.

Modern roof tiles are in many respects exactly the same as the traditional variety save that the modern roof tile benefits from new production methods such as computer controlled mixing, cutting and curing techniques as well as technological breakthroughs that allow modern roof tiles to be even more durable than their ancestors.

Here at Endo-Truss these modern breakthroughs in design and materials allows us to create a wide range of modern roof tiles that are perfectly suited to every conceivable design and style, from modern and clean to traditional warm styles and everything in between.

The range of modern roof tiles is extensive and there is a style and type to suit even the most discerning of aesthetic considerations. The range begins with the modern so called ‘over-and-under’ concrete tile combining the beauty of natural slate, the unmistakeable character of wood and the undeniable strength of concrete to create one of the most sought after modern roof tiles available.

The Double Roman Tile was the first tile design type to mass produced in South Africa and is based very closely on the original Roman engineering design that is famous all over the world. This style of tile is now also available as modern roof tiles here at Endo-Truss in a variety of shades and finishes.

The above mentioned modern roof tiles are just two examples of the extensive range of tiles available through Endo-Truss.co.za. If you are looking for a roof tile to suit your home, planning on a renovation of your current roof or if you are building your dream home, visit Endo-Truss today to view our extensive range of traditional and modern roof tiles and find the perfect tile for your home. 

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